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Letting Process

With our team of dedicated lettings experts, we're here to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both tenants and landlords. Whether you're on the hunt for your dream home or seeking reliable tenants for your property investment, let us be your trusted companions in the world of lettings. Together, let's find the perfect match.

Renting Process

1Register your interest

Begin by reaching out to local letting agents in your preferred area and registering on their rental database. You can visit their office or utilise their website registration or listings on platforms like Rightmove or Zoopla. Clearly communicate your requirements, including the number of bedrooms and your budget. Ensure you're easily reachable, as sought-after properties get snatched up swiftly. If you've been served notice by your current landlord or have given notice to leave, inform the agent promptly, providing the latest possible move-out date.

2Finding the right property

Take a moment with pen and paper to outline your dream property. Be firm on your must-haves and deal-breakers. Never compromise on deal-breakers to avoid future regrets. Budget wisely; consider all expenses like bills, council tax and moving costs. Ensure your combined take-home pay is at least 2.5 times the proposed monthly rent to pass referencing. Financial prudence is key to a successful property search and tenancy.

3Is a short let right for you?

An assured shorthold tenancy agreement usually lasts for either 6 or 12 months, providing stability for both tenants and landlords. However, circumstances such as pending property purchases or short-term work relocations may necessitate shorter stays. In such cases, short lets ranging from one to five months are available, albeit at a higher rental rate due to the flexibility they offer.

4Holding payments

After discovering the perfect property, it's prudent to place a holding payment to secure it. This demonstrates your dedication, prompting the agent to cease additional viewings. Once your offer is accepted, this payment generally offsets the initial rent, deposit, or agency fees. While withdrawing results in forfeiture of the payment, if the landlord is unable or unwilling to proceed, a refund is typically issued.


After placing your holding deposit, you'll undergo reference checks to confirm your identity, employment status, and income, ensuring you have no adverse credit. Verification of your right to reside in the UK without immigration controls is also conducted. It's essential to disclose any outstanding CCJs or bankruptcies, as these could affect your application. You'll need to provide photographic ID, proof of Right to Rent in the UK, income, and current address.


If you're on a low income or seeking to rent a high-value property, a guarantor may be necessary. Typically, a guarantor should have a pristine credit history, own a home, and/or be employed full-time with earnings at least three times the monthly rent. They must comprehend their responsibilities, as they'll sign a legally binding document agreeing to conditions, including covering rent payments if you're unable to meet them.

7Your Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement serves as the legal contract outlining your rights and responsibilities as tenants, as well as those of your landlord. It encapsulates all agreements made by both parties and delineates core terms and property rules.

Before the tenancy begins, ensure the agent or landlord provides you with a copy of the draft agreement well in advance. Take the time to review it thoroughly and seek clarification from the agent or legal advice if needed. The Citizens Advice Bureau can also provide assistance if required.

8The security deposit

Before moving in, you'll need to pay a security deposit and your first month's rent. This deposit, also known as a damage deposit, safeguards the landlord against rent loss or damages caused by the tenant. Typically, it amounts to five weeks' rent and must be protected in a government-approved deposit scheme within 30 days of your tenancy start date. The landlord or agent is legally obligated to provide you with "Prescribed Information" detailing the chosen scheme.

9The Inventory

The Inventory and/or Schedule of Condition process formally documents the cosmetic condition and contents of a rented property, ideally with accompanying photographs. At the start of the tenancy, all parties sign the Inventory to confirm its accuracy. It's crucial to review it carefully and raise any questions about unclear items. At the tenancy's end, the same document is used to assess the property's condition, determining the deposit's appropriate allocation based on this comparison.

10The end tenancy process

Ending a tenancy involves strict timelines, typically starting from the date notice is served, usually one or two months in advance, as agreed. Once notice is given, the countdown begins. The departure date is finalised, and the agent initiates necessary steps. If the property is relisted, maintain its appearance for viewings. On your last day, the inventory clerk conducts the check-out process, and you surrender the keys, prohibiting re-entry. Within 10 days, the agent arranges deposit return, unless deductions are warranted, following the deposit scheme's guidelines.

Landlord Process

1Accurate valuation

The achievable rental value of your property hinges on various factors, such as its location, number of bedrooms, local amenities, and overall condition. At Noble House Services, we provide expert guidance on determining a realistic rental value by carefully assessing all these elements, along with the prevailing conditions of the local market. Rest assured, our comprehensive approach ensures that you receive accurate and informed advice tailored to maximize the potential of your property.

2Consider Property Management

Looking after a rental property is usually smooth sailing with responsible tenants in situ. But when unexpected issues arise, like a broken boiler or a tenant's job loss, it can quickly become overwhelming. Let us shoulder the burden for you. With our expertise, we'll manage your property diligently, ensuring your peace of mind and financial security. Trust Noble House Services to handle every detail with care and charm, always acting in your best interests.

3Preparing your property for tenancy

When pondering whether to let your property furnished or unfurnished, envision the impact on potential tenants. Furnished spaces often let quicker, potentially fetching a premium price with quality furnishings. Yet, remember the gentle wear and tear over time.

For unfurnished abodes, consider essential white goods like a washing machine, cooker, and fridge freezer. Flexibility is key to enticing a diverse tenant pool, so pare down any excess and embrace storage solutions if needed. Let your property's charm shine through, tailored to cater to each tenant's unique desires, ensuring they feel right at home.

4Marketing your property

We implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, harnessing the power of Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location, our website, and various social media platforms. Our carefully placed 'To Let' boards heighten visibility, complemented by proactive engagement with pre-vetted tenants to reduce void periods. You can rely on us to optimise your investment return through extensive exposure and a multifaceted approach tailored to your property's success.

5Receiving an offer

Upon receiving an offer, we promptly communicate all relevant details, including comprehensive information on potential tenants. We meticulously assess their situation, employment status, intended occupants, and desired lease duration. As the Landlord, you retain ultimate decision-making authority regarding whether to accept the offer. If not, viewings persist until a suitable tenant is secured to your satisfaction. Your needs are our top priority, always.

6Offer agreed

At this stage, we'll request a holding deposit from the applicants and invite them to visit our office with their Right to Rent ID for verification and copying. Additionally, we'll initiate the referencing process. During this period, viewings will be paused until all checks are satisfactorily completed. Should the deal fall through at any point, we'll promptly resume viewings.

7References checked

All tenants undergo thorough background checks, including credit history, identity verification, and Right to Rent checks. We collaborate with reputable referencing agencies to assess creditworthiness, ensuring tenants' suitability. We also request references from previous landlords. Information from diverse sources, such as credit agencies like Experian or Equifax, is compiled into a detailed report, providing a final credit score. This comprehensive process ensures tenants are suitable for your property.

8Move In Monies taken and agreement signed

Once all referencing is completed and deemed satisfactory, tenants are requested to pay their first month's rent and security deposit. Upon receipt of cleared funds, we proceed to arrange for the drafting and signing of the tenancy agreement by all parties involved. All deposits are meticulously protected in a Government-approved deposit scheme, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind for both landlords and tenants.

9Move In Date

If an inventory was conducted, our Clerk will meet the tenants at the property for the check-in process. Meter readings will be noted, keys photographed, and handed to the tenant. For managed properties, we retain a set of keys at our offices. The inventory will be sent to the tenant within seven days for agreement and signing, with any amendments highlighted within 14 days or the inventory will be finalised.